The World Needs Your Light

Finding and sharing your light What the world needs right now is more people pursuing a meaningful life that they love, fulfilling their potential, bringing the change, the light, the creativity, businesses, policies, technologies and innovations that will raise us up into a better way of being and living, for everyone. While we are in … Continue reading The World Needs Your Light


Democracy? Is that you? You don’t quite look yourself.

Knowledge is power. Democracy only works if people are given accurate knowledge to base their decisions upon. Anything less is corruption. It feels a bit like the UK was pissed off with its boss so it went out and got really drunk, had a fight with all its friends, set fire to its work place and got ‘F*** You’ tattooed on it’s face. It’s woken up, hung-over, with no friends and no job prospects, looking at itself in the mirror thinking ‘what the hell have I just done?’

Somewhere there’s an almighty party going on – but not here

I can't believe that we lost Prince and Bowie in the same year. So many other greats gone too soon recently as well.  2016 will surely be remembered as the year of the celebrity grim-reaper and we're not even through April yet. I'm very grateful to have seen Prince perform live and to have had … Continue reading Somewhere there’s an almighty party going on – but not here