The World Needs Your Light

Finding and sharing your light

What the world needs right now is more people pursuing a meaningful life that they love, fulfilling their potential, bringing the change, the light, the creativity, businesses, policies, technologies and innovations that will raise us up into a better way of being and living, for everyone.

While we are in a period of Global reflection, for those not on the frontline, it can be an opportunity to stop, reflect and reprioritize. To reassess.

Somewhere, on some possible timeline, there is a version of each of us where we are living at the edge of our ever-expanding potential.

This version of us learns from the many ups and downs of life, retains the wisdom and, where possible, lets everything else go. No longer triggered into fight or flight by old traumas, unhelpful subconscious beliefs or past hurts – Healing is possible, as is forgiveness, balance, and sincere wellbeing.

The closer we get to this version of our best, albeit ever-expanding and evolving self; the happier, healthier and more empowered we become. Radiating at these higher frequencies of emotion positively affects all aspects of our life, health, and the world around us.

The mission

I believe our work/mission (should we wish to accept it) is to get as close to this version of ourselves as we can.

With a combination of releasing and healing subconscious traumas (big or small) and personal or creative coaching, we can raise our emotional vibration, sense of self and feelings of empowerment, so that we can consciously create a life we love and that enables us to fulfill our awesome potential.

There is no silver bullet. It takes work, self-honesty, reflection, and courage. However, the healing, insight, wisdom, and compassion we can develop over time creates the kind of peace that you just cannot buy. Though many spend lifetimes trying.

When you are ready, you will know.

And when you know, the right teacher, guide, therapy, book, event, person, information or program will cross your path.

Be alert. Follow your hunches. Listen to the small voice, your intuition. It is helpful to be both open-minded yet discerning, only follow what resonates with you as empowering, truthful and that which feels light.

You deserve happiness and healing as much as any other being on this planet and it’s your job to make that a priority. No one else can.

Self-care is not selfish

When we heal ourselves, we are also doing a great service to the rest of the planet. We are removing pain and lower frequencies from the energetic matrix that we are all connected to. And we all really need that right now.

We need the light, forgiveness, letting go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us.

And specifically, we need your light. You count more than you can possibly comprehend.

Whatever healing and self-reflection looks like for you, I wish you well on your journey.



· My wellbeing is a priority, not a luxury.

· I am responsible for knowing my needs and making sure they are met. I do this joyfully, confidently and with ease.

· I am opening to new energy, ideas, and healing influences to cross my path.

· Pursing my dreams and what lights me up, matters.

· My emotional vibration contributes to the whole. How I feel counts.

· I welcome all that moves me closer to the best version of myself and release any old energies or thought patterns that no longer serve me, or the world.


This is a great time to stop and reflect, re-prioritize, simplify, see what joy, creativity, connection, healing and balance you can bring to your life. Listen to your instincts. Go within. Find your light and share it in your own unique way.  Write that book, start that course, learn to paint or play an instrument, start that group, write that blog, meditate, heal, share. It’s time.

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