I am a UK based songwriter and composer, with strong DIY ethics, producing dark, cinematic pop and stripped-down piano vocal tracks. I write about the creative process and overcoming obstacles in the pursuit of goals and dreams.

I’m currently recording and producing my debut solo album. Some of the strongest influences you’ll hear in my music and production include Portishead, Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos and Kate Bush.

The first two singles released from the forth coming album were ‘War On Dreams’ and ‘Just Another Scratch” which you can hear here.

I also create commissioned works for special projects and film, and I last performed on the Spotify stage at Jamie Oliver’s ‘Big Feastival’.

Hear more at www.RuthAD.com


I’ve started writing a blog about the creative process and the ups and downs of the journey we embark on when we decide to pursue a dream or life goal.

 I’m one for analogies. You’ll hear me speak about pursuing black unicorns: milestones on the way to your unique dream. I’ll write about entering the dark enchanted forest; facing the struggle. I’ll describe slaying my demon, the Dream Eater, i.e. overcoming resistance.

 The recording of my debut album is a long pursued ambition of mine. In my blog I aim to share my creative journey and my battles against resistance. This forces me to be brave and accountable. I also think it helps to know that we’re not alone in those woods.

Ruth Woods-10

Into the woods we go, with both trepidation and a hunger for the dreams that call us by name. Our paths are unique but let’s meet by the camp fire at the end of the day and share our stories.


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